Stories that Give Me Hope.

Stories that make me cry

I’m sobbing.

what is this moisture coming from my eyes

Amazing stories that GMH.

I just finished watching Merlin. I think I cried from the beginning of the finale through the end. :-(
guys? I want to do something…


Okay, if you are seeing this on your dash can you PLEASE STOP AND READ? 

thanks, because I want you to read this and do as it says if it is right.

If you are 

- stressed about anything or everything

-depressed about anything

-upset about anything at all

-going through any sort of rough time at all

-insecure about anything

REBLOG THIS. Please don’t skip, please.

I want to tell you something.



To celebrate the brand-new David Tennant News | DT Forum Tumblr page, it’s contest time!



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(3) Always Take a Banana to a Party
(4) "Rude and Not Ginger" - white/orange by tumblr user partyindatardis
(5) Mr Thick Thick Thickity Thick Face
(6) The Angels Have the Phonebox by tumblr user lindsaymarmadas
(7) Wibbly Wobbly White by tumblr user nowaitwhat
(8) Doctor Who glasses Tardis tenth doctor
(9) Brilliant! by tumblr user searchforelysium

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